GSQL 2.0: Seamless Querying of Relational and Graph Databases

Seamless Querying of Relational and Graph Databases

In our many interactions with enterprise users, we have heard many times the value of being similar, indeed compatible, with SQL, the standard query language for relational databases.
SQL compatibility offers many benefits:
  • Declarative syntax
  • Proven semantics
  • Huge pool of developers and users who can quickly learn to program and use a graph database
  • Integration of existing RDBMS applications with graph applications
GSQL was inspired by and already shares much in common with SQL.
The following document previews GSQL 2.0, the next stage in the evolution of GSQLGSQL 2.0 reflects TigerGraph’s vision for a modern language that specifies queries and analytics seamlessly over relational and graph data.